Songwriting: Jimmy Roy
Production: Jimmy Roy & Daniel Martin
Mixing: Jimmy Roy & Daniel Martin
Mastering: Jimmy Roy & Daniel Martin
Drums: Mike Kosacek
Bass: Daniel Martin
Fiddle: Kurt Baumer
Guitars: Daniel Martin
Vocals: Jimmy Roy
Gang vocals: Daniel Martin, Jean Langlois, Jean-Claude Brien, Vasylyna Gryso, Clément Paré & Pierre Gagnon

*Thanks to Eric Duchesne for his help with drums preproduction and JC Brien for lending his e-drum set!

Hometown Video 

Production: Jimmy Roy & Daniel Martin
Filming: Zachary Turgeon
Editing: Jimmy Roy
A big thank you to:
 – All the actors and the supporting crew! You guys are too many to mention and I do not want to miss anyone but you all know who you are. Thank you again! I know it was a crazy idea but I had a lot of fun and I hope you enjoyed it! We now have a great video in  memory of this awesome day!
– Jean Langlois for the equipment!
– The band: Jean-Claude Brien, Pierre Gagnon, Samuelle Desjardins & Daniel Martin
– Daniel Martin for the great location (He built the cottage with his own hands)


Thanks to Claudie Fournier for the photomontage, you are a really talented young woman, keep doing what you are doing! It looks awesome!
Thanks to Catherine Jacovella for the photoshoot, you are so good we had to take the first shot!
Thanks to Daniel Berriault for the programming of the website! It looks great!